Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gaia Health and How Vaccines Cause Chronic Illness in Children

On the website Gaia Health, Heidi Stevenson blogs about the environment, natural health and vaccines, among other things.  In a recent blog post she reports that vaccines are responsible for an increase in chronic illness facing U.S. children.

The study Gaia Health cites in the blog post did not focus on chronic illness.  It was published in 2010 and focused on the leading health problems for U.S. children in relation to insurance disparities and across-state variations.  This study focused on finding out whether privately and publicly insured children both had access to adequate health care and noted where improvements could be made.

Gaia Health misused the statistics published in the study and distorts them to support their theory that vaccinations cause chronic health issues.  The only supporting documentation provided were other blog posts written by Gaia Health.

The actual 2010 study cited lists overweight/obese as the largest health concern facing children. Yet, Gaia Health conveniently ignores this fact. While Gaia Health admits that there are issues of pollution and toxin exposures also contributing to the increase in disease, the article then lays the rest of the blame on vaccines.

Gaia Health fails to discuss lifestyle changes of children that contribute to the illnesses listed in the study.  Children who play video games instead of playing outside, or eat fast food and junk food instead of fruits and vegetables are leading a lifestyle that will contribute to obesity issues and therefore chronic illnesses.  Gaia Health fails to acknowledge this reality.

The blog also blames vaccines for diabetes, autism, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and other issues.  It concludes by discrediting government agencies and claiming everyone related to science knows this but don’t want to find out because they are making money from vaccines.

By taking a sound scientific study and distorting it to fit an anti-vaccine agenda, Gaia Health is spreading misinformation about vaccines and health issues.   Those reading blog posts by Gaia Health and similar sources should pay attention to the statements made, and check sources.  All too often, the truth is altered to serve an anti-vaccine agenda and cause unnecessary panic.

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